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BOLTOG Group  is more than Project Company. We have set ourselves apart by delivering a complete offering of Oil and Gas services. Bringing together a broad spectrum of talent, BOLTOG Group can handle your whole project or any portion you need. We offer:
  • OCTG Supply (including Pup joints, Crossovers subs and other drilling completion accessories)
  • Casing Accessories (Centralizer, float collars, cement plugs, cement heads, etc.)
  • Rig Inspection (Land - heavy and workover rigs, Swamp rig, Offshore jackup and semi submersible rig)
  • Project Selection and execution (land/ offshore)
  • Subsea  Engineering and Diving  services
  • ROV Application
  • Design Engineering (pipeline and facilities for oil and gas projects)
  • Project Management consultancy
  • Construction and construction Management
  • Procurement  Services
  • Due Diligence studies


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OCTG Supply

BOLTOG’s OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) Division is here to support customers on a global scale. Whether requirements are for offshore or land based applications, BOLTOG’s broad based inventory eliminates our customers “down rig time”. Our financial commitment to inventory allows BOLTOG to support OCTG stocking programs in a cost effective and efficient method.

Our experienced OCTG specialists will formulate a comprehensive and customized approach that will meet customer needs for projects worldwide.
We supply Tubing, Casing and Premium Connections in seamless, welded, duplex, chrome, alloy and...

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 Casing Accessories
You can count on BOLTOG to provide quality casing accessories for your requirements. We can provide a wide breadth of casing accessories. Our global supplier base, combined with our enduring relationships with our technical patner Top-Co, assures our customers that we'll have the products they need, at the most competitive costs and fully conforming to their quality specifications.
 Rig Inspection Services
We work closely with our technical partner OES Oilfield Services to ensure that ultimately we meet our clients' requirements and are flexible in our approach. With a dedicated full-time team that has decades of technical experience, mobilised via our strategically located offices in order to accelerate mobilisation, we know we can deliver the right people where they are needed, when they are needed.
 Facility Management (Onshore, Offshore & Deep Offshore)
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Construction
Greenfield Project, Brownfield Project, FEED, FPSO & Pipeline Project   

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Painting and Corrosion
  • Due diligence audit/check
  • Review procedure and specification
  • Surface Preparation
  • Blasting
  • Priming and painting
  • DFT check
  • Customers verification and approval
Subsea Engineering
  • Subsea marine cable laying
  • Subsea marine cable maintenance
  • Power cable integrity/due diligence test
  • Insulation Test
  • HV Power Test
  • OTDR Test(Fibre Optics Installation/test)
  • Continuity Test
 Thermal Insulation
  • Review client specification
  • Select insulating material and jacket
  •  Prepare surface to be insulated
  • follow best practice during surface preparation
  • Seal against water ingress
  • Inspect and certify
  • Client inspection and acceptance
  • Handover line register.
Specialized Services Provided By Forming JV Association
  • Pipeline & Cable Tracking and Locating
  • Pipeline Stabilization-Pipeline Anchor
  • Splash Zone Protection
  • Supply Vessels/Rig Certification
Marine Construction
  • Offshore Pipe Laying
  • Supply of work badge, support vessel including lifting equipment.
  • Offshore Platform construction and maintenance
  • Subsea  Welding/Blasting services
Pipeline Construction
  • ROW Clearing
  •  Pipeline laying and river crossing
  •  Pre commissioning/Commissioning
 Engineering, Design and Drafting

It is extremely important that new oil and gas facilities, pipelines and facility additions be designed in accordance with all applicable government regulations, operating company requirements, and approved stakeholder requests. The interdependency between these entities, as well as strict mechanical tolerances, have made it more and more important that all engineering, design, and drafting work be performed to the highest level of quality. Excellent engineering and design can save the client thousands of dollars in material, equipment, and construction costs.
BOLTOG provides a full range of engineering, design, and drafting services to clients for gas plant, ...

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 Oil and Gas Facility Inspection/ Audit

Range of Activities

  • Inspection & Expeditor Services
  • Third party inspection on materials and cargoes.
  • Inspection on behalf of, for regional and international inspection companies.
  • Pre shipment inspection of any cargos.
  • Inspection of machinery, equipments and production lines (QC, QA).

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 Consultancy and Tranining
BOLTOG and her technical partners offer consultancy services and specialized training in oil and gas.
The fusing of collectively shared industry knowlegde and experiences of the strategic alliance enables the provision of Best in Practice Solution for the drilling rig, production platform and marine system upgrades and design of new facilities.

OUR MISSION is to constantly improve what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology.



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