Technical Background

Boltog Ltd has completed over 500 inspection visits just within Nigeria  countries included all kind of inspection and technical services, such as at site inspection, 3rd party, PSI, QC, QA, and other above mentioned related inspections, for different clients around the world.

Range of Activities

  • Inspection & Expeditor Services
  • Third party inspection on materials and cargoes.
  • Inspection on behalf of, for regional and international inspection companies.
  • Pre shipment inspection of any cargos.
  • Inspection of machinery, equipments and production lines (QC, QA).
Fields of Activities:

Inspection and quality services

In this field Boltog Ltd follows the concerned activities such as:

  • Third party inspection for different clients in industrial sector (document review, quality check visual and dimensional check packing and marking and loading check.)
  • Site installation inspection.
  • Maintenance inspection.
  • Verification of conformity.
  • QC/QA services.
  • New Welded Joints Inspection
  • Coating Application in Steel Member of Structure.
  • Concrete Working Inspection.

clip_imag06Boltog Ltd Deals with all kinds of goods, machinery and equipment; we carry out inspection at all stages of manufacture, export, import, transport, as well as on site, above is a brief list of the services offered by the Boltog Ltd within the areas of industrial goods and capital projects where certification by an independent, competent inspection agency is required.

Boltog Ltd Inspection activities provide objective and reliable evidence of the quality of purchased materials, equipment or services, and of their conformity with the procurement documents; these inspections can be carried out wherever it is most appropriate : at the plant, forge or foundry, in the shop, in the port or on site.

The scope of Boltog Ltd inspection activities will depend on the nature and the extent of work to be performed and on the importance of the equipment and services involved; we can undertake a wide variety of services, including the following :

  • Shop inspection by stationary and mobile welding equipment.
  • Material inspection and testing.
  • Welding inspection.
  • Measuring inspection.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Witnessing of performance tests.
  • Packaging and marking inspection.

Boltog Ltd services can include the following elements also:

Design reviews to ensure conformity with the client’s requirements as well as applicable regulations, codes and standards. Pre-qualification surveys of suppliers’ capabilities, including technical and financial resources, production capacity and quality management; metallurgical consultancy services, review of test report and certificates or origin, witnessing of major tests and analyses and, by agreement, complete laboratory analyses performed by in depended laboratories.

Welding verification and shop inspection which may involve destructive and nondestructive testing to detect internal or surface defects. Witnessing of performance test, visual inspection before shipping, covering technical properties, finish, purity, weight, quantity and accessories.

Packaging inspection to ensure that the packaging materials meet the agreed specifications and are suitable for the of transport used and fitted with the proper devices for loading and discharge loading supervision to minimize the risks of damage during transport, and site inspection to ensure quality control and verify the installation’s overall conformity with agreed specifications. Maintenance, quality management and progress reporting. Certification and consultancy services.

Boltog  Ltd also has the required experience to check that loading of cargo onto transport vehicles is carried out properly; a similar inspection can take place at the time of discharge. In the ports, our experienced surveyors inspect the workmanship and performance of the stevedores and of the master and crew of the vessel. We inspect the packaging and check the marking, numbering and loading. A similar check can take place, at the time of discharge. In case of any deviation found upon reception of the goods, this will immediately be reported, which ensures that it will be possible to replace or repair the equipment before it reaches the site.

engineerAnother very important benefit is that such control will make it possible to notify the underwriters to ensure that the parties responsible for the problems and/or damage are notifies in time, so that the legal situation between the parties can be fully established. On all manufactured goods we can carry out statistical quality control, which means that the inspection is performed on a representative sample rather than on each and every piece, which of course is the practical solution for the inspection of huge quantities of identical items. In collaboration particularly with foreign partners, Boltog Ltd can carry out the evaluation of equipment or complete plants, which may be of importance in a number of situations, such as the sale of equipment or complete plants, reassessment of insurance policies, share capital increases, and the privatization of industry we can also assist with:

Project planning, preparation of local documents, valuation/recommendations regarding quotations, procurement of materials/services, on-site management, administration and quality assurance, auditing.

Expediting Services :

  • Boltog Ltd has the ability to control & expedite fast track project.
  • Boltog Ltd provides a variety of expediting services for materials and components, mechanical and electrical components.  Highly qualified Expeditors.
  • Boltog  Ltd provides qualified expeditors to actively oversee and when necessary assist suppliers in management of milestones and processes through the supply-chain as necessary to improve the required delivery of any items which may be critical to the procurement schedule.
  • Boltog ’s personnel initiate and undertake the actions necessary to maintain or improve agreed delivery dates. The objective is to manage and/or accelerate progress. Therefore the role of the expeditor is an active one – distinctive from the passive role of reporting supplier progress.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Boltog  Ltd is capable to cover Pre-shipment inspection worldwide and mainly at Nigeria  ports with help of her Joint venture partners.