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  Quality Health & Safety and the Environment (HQS&E)

Our current Group HS&E policies were adopted in December 1996 and are applied across the Group through locally adapted policies, procedures and management systems. HS&E performance is also a key area of focus for our customers. Our improvement initiatives are often implemented in conjunction with customers and many of our principal contracts contain HS&E goals as part of performance and reward mechanisms.

Our policy is to promote the occupational health and welfare of our staff worldwide. We aim to ensure workplace conditions are free from health risks to employees, including harm from hazardous substances, noise, vibration and stress

It is a stated aim of the Group to achieve the highest practicable standards of safety for employees and those affected by our activities including contractors, customers and members of the public. Good safety practices are a combination of people, process and place and our focus is on the adoption, implementation and communication of Group standards and expectations by our businesses and the contractors who work for us.

Our policy is to minimize the effects of the discharges, emissions and waste disposal from our operating facilities, with, for example, a number of our project in 2005 eliminating or reducing the use of cleaning solvents in their workshops or offices.  

Ethical Conduct of Our Businesses
The BOLTOG's Ethics Policy sets minimum standards of conduct, promotes best practice and provides resolution procedures when questions arise. The policy is available to employees on the BOLTOG's website and is distributed to all.

We recognize that quality of service is the key to increasing growth in customer base and client satisfaction. To achieve this the group strives to improve performance and exceed customer expectations, in part through the adoption of the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001:2000 which emphasizes process management and a structured approach to continuous improvement.

For information about BOLTOG’s services offering for developing, implementing or supporting your project, or any other oil and gas related activity, call BOLTOG Group. We have the Horsepower to do the job right.We have a dedicated in-house integrity management team, data management and evaluation tools, and solid industry expertise.

QUALITY Oriented …PROJECT  Driven

BOLTOG Group has established a reputation for quality engineering design, marine/Subsea  construction, project management and diving/ROV and Power services. Our focus encompasses upstream oil and gas, Offshore and Deep Offshore and Subsea  environment. BOLTOG Limited is fully backed by a hands-on management team, a solid support staff and cutting edge system.

Our philosophy is simple-deliver the highest quality, highest value project on time, within budget and with no surprises. That’s our goal, backed by BOLTOG energy and strategy.


OUR MISSION is to constantly improve what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology.



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