• Procurement
  • Installation
  • Construction

Greenfield Project, Brownfield Project, FEED, FPSO & Pipeline Project 


  • Geo technical Studies and test.
  • Study and deciding type of foundations and structures required, e.g. piling requirements.
  • Preparation of detailed drawings for foundations, structures, platforms and ladders.
  • Material take-off for steel and cement.
  • Preparation of bill of quantities for field execution.
  • Preparation of construction tender documents.
  • Checking and approving of steel structure fabrication drawings.

Electrical Engineering

  • Preparation of Single Line Diagram
  • Area classification Drawing
  • Grounding network drawings
  • Earthing layouts
  • Schematic for interlocks and controls
  • Cable schedules
  • Motor lists
  • Preparation of specifications and material requisitions for procurement of electrical items
  • Technical evaluation of bids for vendor selection
  • Checking, review and approval of vendor drawings.

Mechanical/Rotating Equipment

  • Preparation of engineering specifications for procurement of equipment like pumps, compressors, boilers, filters, etc.
  • Technical evaluation of bids and selection of equipment.
  • Checking and reviewing vendor’s data and drawings.
  • Assistance to structure, piping and instrumentation sections in finalisation of their drawings.

Pressure Vessel Engineering

  • Design/Engineering of vessels such as columns, pressure vessels, spheres and storage tanks.
  • Preparation of documents for procurement.
  • Technical evaluation of bids.
  • Preparation of bills of materials.
  • Preparation of plate cutting diagrams.
  • Checking and approving vendor’s drawings and welding procedures.

Piping Engineering

  • Piping layout studies
  • Piping arrangement drawings
  • Preparation of scale models
  • Preparation of Isometrics
  • Material take-off
  • Piping material specifications
  • Flexibility analysis for piping system for special supports such as springs, etc.
  • Vessels trims and special supports
  • Purchase requisitions for piping items and technical evaluation of vendor’s quotations.
  • Preparation of specifications for insulation and painting 


  • Review of P&IDs
  • Preparation of loop schematic diagrams
  • Bill of material
  • Preparation of instrument schedules
  • Preparation of specifications for instruments and materials including DCS/field bus for procurement
  • Evaluation of bids for selection of vendors
  • Preparation of process interlock and safety systems drawings
  • Preparation of tubing layout drawings and wiring diagrams
  • Preparation of instrument hook-up diagrams
  • Preparation of control panel schedules


BOLTOG Group offers comprehensive procurement services through a highly professional purchase team, effective monitoring and expediting group, a well experienced and qualified multi-disciplinary inspection force and a specialist group for route survey and planning for multi model movement of over dimensional consignments.

Following comprehensive procurement services are provided:

  • Vendor identification, evaluation & enlistment.
  • Entire purchase activity from issue of enquiry to finalization and placement of order.
  • Progress monitoring & expediting
  • Inspection
  • Transportation planning & control

Foreign procurement and expediting is carried out from our office in Manchester and JV operation office in Hong Kong. These offices follow a well structured Supply Chain Management System which is integrated to our system in Nigeria via VSAT system.

Construction and Installation

  • Review approved construction drawing and installation procedures
  • Preparation of Material as per MOT
  • Material inspection and certification
  • Preparation work execution schedules and strategy
  • Mobilize Material, Personnel and Equipment for construction
  • Quality management system implementation
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning
  • Customers inspection, certification and approval
  • Handover and project closeout

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