It is extremely important that new oil and gas facilities, pipelines and facility additions be designed in accordance with all applicable government regulations, operating company requirements, and approved stakeholder requests. The interdependency between these entities, as well as strict mechanical tolerances, have made it more and more important that all engineering, design, and drafting work be performed to the highest level of quality. Excellent engineering and design can save the client thousands of dollars in material, equipment, and construction costs.

BOLTOG Group provides a full range of engineering, design, and drafting services to clients for gas plant, compressor and pump stations, meter and regulator stations, as well as other appurtenant facilities. Our matrix organization structure allows project managers to pull disciplined engineers and designers to the project when needed and returned to the pool when their work is complete. This allows the project team expertise to be much broader with a much higher level of efficiency on most projects. A full range of software tools are available for 2D and 3D design, process simulation, system analysis, material control, and other functions.

BOLTOG also provides a full range of engineering, design, and drafting services to clients for pipelines. Project Managers and Engineers have designed and constructed pipelines, gas plants, gas turbine throughout the Nigeria and the world

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