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BOLTOG job experience and work carried by management and staff of BOLTOG GROUP (Not exhaustive)


Client:              NAFCON LTD, ONNE, P.H.
Project:            Cleaning and Pressure Testing of Heat Exchangers of various types – Tube, shell, U-tube                         and Floating head etc

Client:              NAFCON LTD, ONNE, P.H.
Project:            Process Equipment - Repairs and cleaning of Reactors, Towers & Tanks.

Client:              Eleme Petrochemical Plant, P.H.
Contractor:       Repairs/ cleaning of Separators, Knock out pots, & Steam drums

Client:              NAFCON LTD, ONNE, P.H.
Contractor:       Rotating Equipment - Repairs and Maintenance of Air Compressors, Pumps, Gas Turbines                           Generators, fans and Blowers.

Client:              Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited.
Contractor:    Repairs and Maintenance/Servicing of Milling, Lathe, Grinding, and Drilling                         machinery/equipment.

Client:              Elf Petroleum Nig. Ltd. Obagi, Port Harcourt.
Contractor:      Procurement & Installation of Differential pressure transmitter PIN - 3051CDQAQ2AIJH2                         BAE8LAM6Q4 T1P1,Differential pressure transmitter PIN 3051CD3A22AIJB4E8L4M6Q4 TIP1

Client:              NNPC Refinery Port Harcourt
Subcontractor: Procurement & installation of Valves and Fittings at NNPC Port Harcourt Refinery for                         Chemp & Enzer for turn around maintenance

Client:              Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)
Subcontractor:  Installation and commissioning of Radio Telecommunication system for Oguta SPDC                          facility.

Client:               Addax Petroleum Development (Nig.) Ltd.
Contract:           Procurement and installation of fire and gas detection system for the office facilities.

Client:              Mobil Producing Nig. Ltd. Qua Iboe Terminal Eket.
Contract:          Supply of meter, watt, analog, transformer rated 0-1600 kw/scale, 120vac, 5amp, 3phase,                         50/60H3 CT Ratio 200:5; PT ratio 480:120; Cw1000, 3-15/16 in Od, 4­1/4 in square                         flange, 7 in high. Mfg: Compton instruments Inc. (PIN 077- 218A­QQXX -C6)

Client:              Suffolk Engineering & Construction Ltd.
Contract:          Procurement and installation of cathodic protection system for 18km of 6" & 8" Coated                         pipes.

Client:                Nigeria Agip Oil Company Ltd.
Direct Contract:  Charter and operation of one 500MT dumb barge.

Client:                CNS Subsea-Eng Rypac Ltd.
Contract:            Charter and lease of swamp buggy for SPDC Cawthorne channel marine cable lay project.

Client:                Obat Petroleum Nig. Ltd.
Subcontractor:   Comprehensive engineering) design and construction of 25,500mt refine petroleum                           products tank farm.

Client:                Ikoyi club
Contractor:         Drilling of borehole and installation of water treatment plant for Ikoyi club.

Client:                Chucks & Associates Ltd.
Contractor:         Construction of two water boreholes and treatment plant at Lekki Peninsula.

Client:               F.S.B Bank P.H.
Contractor:        Borehole construction and installation of treatment plant at New F.S.B. \Bank Complex at                            Trans Amadi Port Harcourt.

Client:               Kebbi State Government
Contractor:        Construction of access road and culverts (Ama road project) in Kebbi State,
                        (Contracted from Kebbi State Govt.)

Client:                Ebonyi State Government
Contractor:         Construction of 240km of Earth works in 7 L. G. A. of Ebonyi State.

Client:                 NDDC (NDDC Contract)
Subcontractor:     Construction of 10km surface dress estate road at Port Harcourt.

Client:                 NNPC P.H. Refinery
Subcontract:        Supply and installation of fire hydrant valves

Client:                 Nigeria LNG Ltd. Bonny Island
Contract:             Supply and installation of BUC street light accessory

Client:                Chrome Consortium
Subcontractor:     Revamping of water treatment plant at life camp old P.H. Refinery.

Client:                Nigeria LNG L td Bonny
Subcontractor:    Supply and installation of high voltage transformer connector kit, load breaker
                         (type for 35sq,mm cable) of 200A,15KV class transformer

Client:                Elf Petroleum Nig. Ltd. P.H
Contractor:        Installation of text steam pump model 9000 on the underground vessel of Obodo Flow                           station (to comply with the process pumping of the F /5)

Client:               Elf Petroleum Nig. Ltd. P.H.
Subcontract:      Supply and installation of a..unit SPMA synchronizer maker wood ward control                                international with Ref. Vm slf 9905 - 01f Ad in accordance with TiR - 33774.

Client:               Nigeria LNG Ltd.
Contractor:        Supply of BUC terminal lugs. Hellman world wide logistics

Client:                Mobil Producing Nig. Ultd. Eket.
Subcontractor:   Upgrade of secondary alarm system and the GSI tank ganging system on storage tanks                          5008 I 5009 I 6701 – 3

Client:               Seplat Petroleum Development Company
Contractor:         Supply of local handling charges for mobile gas detectors.

Client:                Seplat Petroleum Development Compnay
Contractor:         Land and Swamp rig inspection.

Client:                Seplat Petroleum Development Compnay
Contractor:         Supply of pup joints.

Client:                Seplat Petroleum Development Compnay
Contractor:         Supply and inspection of OCTG including driveable conductor pipes.

Client:                Seplat Petroleum Development Compnay
Contractor:         Supply of casing accessories including centralizers and float collars.


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